Meg Whitman alienates same-sex marriage supporters

Source: Examiner.comMeg Whitman says she’d defend Prop 8 in court. Because in America, we can take away civil rights by voting.

Meg would actually use our tax dollars to oppress her own constituents and entrench our state on the wrong side of history. She’d actively intervene to prevent a major civil rights victory. Even her own party’s governor knows this is wrong. Unless gay marriages will ruin Meg’s, she should keep her hands off.

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On Friday Whitman declared her definitive position on same sex marriage stating that if she were Governor she would proceed to defend Proposition 8, the voter approved ban on same sex marriage.

She went on to criticize Governor Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Jerry Brown for their refusal to defend the law in the recent court hearing which ultimately ruled the Proposition unconstitutional.

Economists see flaws in Whitman’s policy proposals

Economists say Meg’s policy booklet is a recipe for disaster. But it has pretty colors! I can’t do the article justice, so head on over to the LA Times and read the whole thing.

Meg Whitman Love Latinos…Except When She Doesn’t

Are you Latino? Meg Whitman wants to eat tacos with you! Or deport you. She can’t seem to decide.

Meg’s double-talk is getting ridiculous. Remember, before her primary, she ran ads featuring a border fence, said she would be “tough as nails” on immigration, and professed to be “100 percent” against so-called “amnesty”. Of course, her campaign co-chair is still Pete Wilson.

From the always-great Calitics:

By our count, Whitman has changed her position on immigration at least five times since announcing her candidacy. And in her cynical ploy to mask her true positions, Whitman managed to alienate both the left and the right… and certainly isn’t making a case to Latinos. A recent poll shows that Jerry Brown still has a commanding lead among Latinos — 42 percent for Brown compared to just 18 percent for Whitman.

Meg Whitman Was Accused of Shoving eBay Employee

Meg Whitman has a short fuse and a temper? OH SNAP! (No, really, she might snap. Be careful.) In all seriousness, though, this doesn’t sound like an adult, much less a would-be governor.

Reports the New York Times:

In June 2007, an eBay employee claimed that Ms. Whitman became angry and forcefully pushed her in an executive conference room at eBay’s headquarters, according to multiple former eBay employees with knowledge of the incident. They spoke on the condition of anonymity because the matter was delicate and was deemed to be strictly confidential.


Two of the former employees said the company paid a six-figure financial settlement to Ms. Kim, which one of them characterized as “around $200,000.”

Meg Whitman’s fortune entwined with Goldman Sachs

Source: California Watch When Meg Whitman was on the board of Goldman Sachs, she got insider stock trades through a practice known as “spinning”, which is now illegal.

Although, since spinning is illegal, shouldn’t Meg pull her TV ads? Just sayin…

From California Watch:

In 2001, Goldman put Whitman on its corporate board, paying her an estimated $475,000 for little more than a year of part-time service. The company also gave her insider access to the initial public offerings of hot stocks worth millions, according to the records.

Whitman left the board in 2002 after she was targeted in a congressional probe of bond underwriters and “spinning” — a financial maneuver, now banned, in which Goldman and other firms allegedly traded access to hot IPOs for bond business. Whitman later settled a shareholder lawsuit related to profits she and other execs made from buying the IPOs.

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