Whitman misfires on college plan

Meg Whitman’s higher education plan is “mostly misleading”? Looks like she could use some education on how our state works.

Long story short, Meg Whitman wants to fund higher education spending through welfare “savings”. Only problem is that there’s no way she can possibly find that much money without jeopardizing federal aid. That, and her plan is grossly inhumane and would hurt the downtrodden when they need help the most.

Reports the Sacramento Bee:

Additionally, the state spends about $2.9 billion a year on its welfare program. It’s unlikely the state would save $1 billion in its welfare budget even if it cut every adult recipient from the program.

Finally, the state would have a hard time cutting $1 billion in welfare spending without jeopardizing federal aid.


That means the state could cut only $1 billion in welfare spending – without jeopardizing federal aid – if it used that money for other specified purposes, such as preventing out-of-wedlock births.

Spending the savings on higher education likely wouldn’t meet that criterion.

Whitman’s money blankets the electorate

And it’s gotten her…nowhere. Money may or may not be able to buy happiness, but it definitely can’t buy an election.

I also find it ironic that she’s running as a fiscal conservative who will trim the bureaucracy, when she’s shattering spending records and bankrolling the the most bloated operation in California politics.

From the LA Times:

Meg Whitman’s record-breaking spending in the race for governor has enabled her campaign to blanket California with more TV ads and mailers than any other in state history, while also tapping new technologies to further broaden her reach.


The heart of the race is still to come, yet Whitman’s personal donations already represent more than twice the amount Arnold Schwarzenegger spent in the last gubernatorial election from all sources of money.

Meg Whitman dismissed as juror in child-molestation case

Source: Mercury News
“If called, I will serve,” she said, adding that she considers jury service “an important civic duty.”

Just like voting! Oh, wait…

Read the full article at the San Jose Mercury News.

Whitman overstates excess jobs in California Department of Education

Source: California Watch

Surprise! Meg Whitman has no idea what she’s talking about!

She can spend millions on opposition research, but can’t even get policy research right. Seems like the only qualification to be one of Meg’s minions is that you have to be consistently wrong. Meg’s definitely entitled to make mistakes; I’d just rather not have education pay for them.

Once more, from California Watch:

Meg Whitman has finally given a specific example of jobs she would go after should she become governor: 150 jobs in the California Department of Education.

“The Legislative Analyst’s Office found that the Department of Education has 150 staffers working on programs it no longer administers,” she declared at the top of a recent radio ad.


After months of negotiations, the LAO’s office downscaled its recommendation that 150 jobs be cut by more than half, instead saying that 70 jobs, for a savings of $5.2 million, should be cut. This figure was included in a May 27 handout [PDF] submitted to the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee, headed by state Sen. Denise Moreno Ducheny, D-San Diego.

Even the recommendation of 70 positions was vehemently disputed by O’Connell. In a nine-page single-spaced letter to Ducheny, in her capacity as chairwoman of the Budget Conference Committee, he said the “LAO’s calculation of the magnitude of the cuts is grossly overstated and cuts … have already been implemented as part of 2009-10 budget cuts.” He went on to say that “a cut of this magnitude will eliminate much of the CDE’s ability to provide critical services currently mandated by law.”

Meg Whitman called for jury duty

Looks like Meg Whitman’s finally getting a taste of civic participation. And we finally have proof she’s on the voter rolls. Better late than never, but that’s really, really late.

Now, if only her ads could take a “break” too…

The LA Times reports:

Republican gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman took a break from the campaign trail Monday when she was called for jury duty.

The former EBay chief was not selected for a trial, but she may have to return to the Redwood City courthouse on Thursday as the selection process continues.

In the past, the candidate has struggled with another aspect of civic life — voting on a regular basis.

Pete Wilson now behind the scenes in Meg Whitman’s campaign

Source: Sacramento Bee

Look who Meg Whitman shoved in the closet! Pro tip: You can’t carpet bomb Californians with ads and then expect us to just fuhgeddaboudit.

Pete Wilson, Meg’s campaign co-chair, was the champion of Prop 187, which would have denied public services such as education and health care to undocumented immigrants. She was happy to flaunt him during her primary, but, now that she’s trying to appear sane, he’s nowhere to be found.

From the Sacramento Bee:

But what made that recommendation resonate for many conservatives – Wilson championed Proposition 187, the 1994 initiative that sought to deny public services to illegal immigrants – has become a liability now that Whitman is trying to win over Latino and independent voters.

Not surprisingly, Wilson, Whitman’s campaign chairman, has all but disappeared from public view.

“Pete Wilson was important before June 8,” conservative talk show host Ken Chiampou said in an interview this month with Whitman. “He doesn’t seem important now.”

Schwarzenegger won’t endorse in governor’s race

Meg can’t even convince the head of her own party. Does she (a) get better ideas, or (b) throw money at the problem?

This is like The Terminator standing up John Connor. He’s supposed to protect John Connor; they’re on the same side. But, after getting a better look, he realizes John’s completely useless and decides he’d rather sip mojitos until Judgment Day.

From the Sacramento Bee:

Gov. Schwarzenegger told The Fresno Bee’s editorial board today that he won’t endorse in the governor’s race because it could add another political dimension to the work he is trying to accomplish for the state. But asked if he might make a late endorsement in the campaign between Republican Meg Whitman and Democrat Jerry Brown, Schwarzenegger says he won’t rule that out, adding that he has a tendency to “improvise.”

California nurses union uses women’s suffrage anniversary to take jab at Whitman

Meg translated: “I was horrible before, but I’m better now, I swear!” Sure, Meg, whatever you say.

Ninety years ago, women fought hard for their rights. They endured immense difficulty, and fought uphill against millenia of social norms. The least Meg Whitman could’ve done to honor their struggle was vote. So, this November, remember to vote even if you have “things going on”.

From the always-venerable Sacramento Bee:

CNA Executive Director Rose DeMoro criticized Whitman for spending a record-breaking $104 million of her own money on her campaign while skipping elections. Voting records show the gubernatorial candidate casting a ballot after registering to vote in 2002 although she has said she voted in the 1980s.

“She is just almost precisely the opposite of the leaders of the suffragist movement,” DeMoro said. “We’re basically here to call attention to the hypocrisy of her running and to say just because you’re female, that doesn’t make you a woman.”

Meg Whitman spends big in California but still trails Brown

“Can’t Buy Me Love” by The Beatles comes to mind.
(Beatles break!)

Meg Whitman’s spent over $100 million.She’s carpet bombed the airwaves for a year. Her opponent isn’t even campaigning. Yet, she still can’t eke out a lead? How embarrassing–not that I’m complaining.

From the Christian Science Monitor:

Meg Whitman, the California Republican candidate for governor, has spent a record $104 million of her personal fortune on her campaign, blanketing the state in slick television ads and adding high-priced consultants to her pay roll.

But the former eBay chief executive still hasn’t been able to move ahead of her Democratic opponent, California Attorney General Jerry Brown, who has reportedly spent $1.5 million on his campaign, according to the California Voter Foundation.

Decoding Meg Whitman’s shout-out to Goldman Sachs

New Yorkers <3 Meg because…she’ll save them from Wall Street reform? Wait, what?

Yes, she actually said this. I have no idea why, but she did.

Via Salon:

“Do you know who’s as excited about this election as we are? The people of New York. They have suffered the financial reforms that are going to crimp our ability to raise capital and they want California to turn the corner.”
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