While we didn’t make these videos, we highly recommend them. They show why we absolutely can’t afford to have Meg Whitman as our next governor.

Megzilla 2010

From our friends at Can’t Buy Our Votes:

No Sale

A great piece from the Los Angeles County Democratic Party. Meg can blow all the money she wants, but she can’t buy our state.

Capital Gains

California faces both record deficits and staggering inequality. Obviously, the solution is to (A) cut taxes for the rich, and (B) blow a huge hole in our budget.

Meg’s Goldman Lie

Republican Steve Poizner calls Meg out for her unethical behavior at Goldman Sachs.

Send Pete Wilson Packing

Meg’s talking out of both sides of her mouth. She’s trying to reach out to the Latino community, but her campaign co-chair is ex-Governor Pete Wilson.

Meg Whitman’s California

Meg wants to slash funding for our essential public services. This is what her California will look like. Hats off to the Courage Campaign for this great video.

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