We’re excited to kick off our second video contest! We hope you participate–it’s a great chance to use your talents, spread the word, and remind your peers not to get Meg’d.

Don’t Get Meg’d Video Contest*

  • Summary: Record a video with a “Don’t Get Meg’d” theme
  • Prize: $100
  • Date: October 20th

The two major candidates for governor, Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman, have very different visions for California. Meg Whitman has time and time again proven herself an out-of-touch plutocrat, and we can’t let her buy this election.

Over the past few weeks, Don’t Get Meg’d has released several videos. Now, we want your help. Please work with your friends to create a short “Don’t Get Meg’d”-themed video. (Example below)

When you’re done, email your entry to NDixit@cacollegedems.org before October 20th. We’ll feature entries on our Facebook page and pick a winner, who will receive $100.

This is a great chance to make change while earning some, too, and we hope you participate!

* (1) The California Young Democrats (CYD) and California College Democrats (CCD) reserve full discretion to pick winners (2) All entries may be reposted by CYD, CCD or Don’t Get Meg’d at any time without notification

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