Whitman misfires on college plan Meg Whitman’s higher education plan is “mostly misleading”? Looks like she could use some education on how our state works. Long story short, Meg Whitman wants to fund higher education spending through welfare “savings”. Only problem is that there’s no way she can possibly find that much money without jeopardizing [...]

Whitman’s money blankets the electorate And it’s gotten her…nowhere. Money may or may not be able to buy happiness, but it definitely can’t buy an election. I also find it ironic that she’s running as a fiscal conservative who will trim the bureaucracy, when she’s shattering spending records and bankrolling the the most bloated operation [...]

Meg Whitman dismissed as juror in child-molestation case “If called, I will serve,” she said, adding that she considers jury service “an important civic duty.” Just like voting! Oh, wait… Read the full article at the San Jose Mercury News.

Whitman overstates excess jobs in California Department of Education Surprise! Meg Whitman has no idea what she’s talking about! She can spend millions on opposition research, but can’t even get policy research right. Seems like the only qualification to be one of Meg’s minions is that you have to be consistently wrong. Meg’s definitely entitled [...]

Meg Whitman called for jury duty Looks like Meg Whitman’s finally getting a taste of civic participation. And we finally have proof she’s on the voter rolls. Better late than never, but that’s really, really late. Now, if only her ads could take a “break” too… The LA Times reports: Republican gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman [...]

Pete Wilson now behind the scenes in Meg Whitman’s campaign Look who Meg Whitman shoved in the closet! Pro tip: You can’t carpet bomb Californians with ads and then expect us to just fuhgeddaboudit. Pete Wilson, Meg’s campaign co-chair, was the champion of Prop 187, which would have denied public services such as education and [...]

Schwarzenegger won’t endorse in governor’s race Meg can’t even convince the head of her own party. Does she (a) get better ideas, or (b) throw money at the problem? This is like The Terminator standing up John Connor. He’s supposed to protect John Connor; they’re on the same side. But, after getting a better look, [...]

California nurses union uses women’s suffrage anniversary to take jab at Whitman Meg translated: “I was horrible before, but I’m better now, I swear!” Sure, Meg, whatever you say. Ninety years ago, women fought hard for their rights. They endured immense difficulty, and fought uphill against millenia of social norms. The least Meg Whitman could’ve [...]

Meg Whitman spends big in California but still trails Brown “Can’t Buy Me Love” by The Beatles comes to mind. (Beatles break!) Meg Whitman’s spent over $100 million.She’s carpet bombed the airwaves for a year. Her opponent isn’t even campaigning. Yet, she still can’t eke out a lead? How embarrassing–not that I’m complaining. From the [...]

Decoding Meg Whitman’s shout-out to Goldman Sachs New Yorkers <3 Meg because…she’ll save them from Wall Street reform? Wait, what? Yes, she actually said this. I have no idea why, but she did. Via Salon: “Do you know who’s as excited about this election as we are? The people of New York. They have suffered [...]

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