Meg Whitman’s tax cuts for the wealthy will do nothing except increase our deficit by $4 billion. In fact, she’s actually promised to lay off 40,000 teachers and other public servants. That’s right–her jobs plan is to fire people. Genius!

Economists agree; Meg’s not for thee.


Meg Whitman’s tax cuts for the wealthy will increase our deficit, requiring even more budget cuts. Moreover, her “strict spending cap” will lock California near the bottom in school funding.

But don’t worry, kids can pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Wait, we defunded the boots…


Meg Whitman says she’d suspend our global warming law on her first day in office. Moreover, she’s said she “doesn’t know” about climate change, and she’s flip flopped on offshore drilling.

Spineless pandering or reckless disregard? Pick your poison.


Meg Whitman is against marriage equality and supports Proposition 8. She’s even pledged to use her power to defend it in court. After all, government should be as small as possible*

*Warning: Not applicable if gay

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